ViolaWave Vision

ViolaWave Technology

Our sterilizing system uses a powerful combination of ultraviolet* (UV-C) and Ozone (O3). Ozone is generated in small quantities to preserve the integrity of the treated objects and thanks to its gaseous nature, it also sterilizes the areas that are not normally reached by the UV light.

A convenient USB port allows you to charge the built-in battery in just 30 minutes or use it as an external power input.

The body of the products is made of a special silicone formula, elastic, foldable, portable, ideal for activities such as conferences, TV, radio, live performances, recording, karaoke, parties, religious events, etc.

Unlike conventional spray disinfectants, ViolaWave's products do not need to be refilled.

*Certified by the University Federico II Biology Department.

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